The gauge management software QMSOFT®


The program system QMSOFT®

QMSOFT® consists of a number of program modules, which can also be used stand-alone. The different modules are designed to get a powerfull tool for the gauge data management and all of the steps while calibrating gauge stocks. Depended of their basically functions differ the following types of QMSOFT® program modules. Please use the menu on the left side to get more informations aboutf the QMSOFT® modules!


Group „Database“

The programs of this group are designed to store, manage and evaluate the gauge data. The central part of this group is the program QMSOFT®/QM-MANAGE, which represents the gauge management software itself.

Group „Inspection programs“

Inspection programs are designed to carry out the gauge inspection of the different types of gauges (e.g. program QM-DIAL for dial gauges and dial test indicators). The programs are related to the standardized procedures for each gauge type. They will be activated automatically by using the gauge management program QM-MANAGE, but you can start it also as “stand-alone” programs (in this case the results and certificates are not saved to the database). Inspection programs also contains features to calculate the nominal data and tolerances for the gauges, to manage inspection positions, to collect and to evaluate measures and to create template-based certificates.

Group „Measuring devices“

Measure indication programs are designed to realize the communication between the length measuring devices and the QMSOFT® modules to get measure values automatically into the inspection programs. QMSOFT® supports the most of the popular devices, which are used for the gauge calibration.