The gauge management software QMSOFT®


Proven features from QMSOFT® Version 6:

  • Compatibility to Microsoft Windows 7 / Microsoft Windows 8
    QMSOFT® is supporting all of the versions (32- and 64-bit) of the actual Microsoft-Windows operating systems, and it can also run under the older Windows XP.
  • Management of QMSOFT®-settings in the central system-database
    All of the local workstation configuration settings and defaults were moved to the central system database, such as

    Tolerances and nominal values
    Inspection positions
    Reference standards
    Measuring untits
    Certficate templates, report templates

    Thus local folders are no longer needed, which simplifies the administration of access privileges enormous, administration rights are now only required for the actual installation process of QMSOFT ®.
  • Protected access to all of the central QMSOFT®-settings
    By centralizing QMSOFT ® settings, an extensive protection against unauthorized manipulation is possible.
  • Including the uncertainty in the evaluation of calibrations
    If necessary uncertainty can be incorporated into the assessment of calibration results for each measurement method and every workplace.
  • New concept for handling the measuring devices - QMSOFT®/QM-DeviceServer
    The growing number of supported instruments and new virtualization technologies have led to a completely revised concept of the integration of such instruments.
  • Implementation of new standards and gauge types

    DIN 14 - Thread gauges smaller than 1 mm
    DIN EN ISO 463 (DIN 878) - Dial gauges
    DIN EN ISO 13102 - Electronic digital gauges (Draft)
    ANSI/ASME B89.1.6M - Cylindrical pins acc. to ANSI
    NF E 11-017 - Cylindrical pins acc. to French standard
    NF E 11-012 - Setting plugs acc. to French standard
    NIHS 60-30 - Swiss watch industry standard for threads
    NIHS 60-40 - Swiss watch industry standard for threads
    VDI 2618 Page 12.1 - Lever gauge (external)
    VDI 2618 Page 13.1 - Lever gauge (internal)
  • Import-/export-filter for VDI/VDE/GMA 2623 (final release)
    The final release of the VDI calbration data exchange format (CDE format) is implemented into QMSOFT®, so this is one of the first software, which can support this data file format.
  • Integrated communication with the QMSOFT®-Internet-services
    Especially the calibration laboratories with calibration customer relations can now use the automated data alignment between the laboratory database and the databases of the customers on the platforms QMSOFT®-Online and QMSOFT®-Web
  • Compatibility with current SQL Server
    The compatibility to current Firebird- and MS-SQL server versions will ensure an ongoing basis.

Proven features from QMSOFT® Version 5:

  • Communication with SAP
    Many QMSOFT® users; which work in their own company with the SAP system, wish an exchange of the gauge stock data between SAP and QMSOFT®. A new QMSOFT® module was created, which can exchange data in both directions, and which can be adapted with small effort to customer-specific requirements.
  • New import / export to external formats
    For data exchange with external systems, the current draft of the directive VDI/VDE/GMA 2623 was implemented, which was formulated by the VDI/VDE/GMA Technical Committee 3.14, which the L&W GmbH is involved actively.
  • Gauge status
    The information about the gauge status was splitted into two separate data fields, an availability status and an inspection status. The compatibility of data exchange between QMSOFT ® installations of different version levels is guaranteed.
  • More search and filter features
    The possibilities of search and filter functions have been enhanced: now you can search also in gauge type depending data (basic data, history data).
  • New report tool
    To improve the possibilities of the list generation even further, a new report tool (FastReport) was integrated. Of course the QMOFT® license contains also the layout editor for the report templates.
  • New frame templates
    The established mechanism to design inspection certificate templates was completed with so-called frame templates to have global header and footer (for example, company address, logo, etc.) to realize the customizing with much less effort.
  • Management of Traceability and Measuring Uncertainty
    In the system QMSOFT ® we have now implemented a simple tool to manage a list of your used instruments, reference standards and measuring uncertainties. This will enable you to record and manage your complete traceability and uncertainty information on the calibration certificates in a convenient way.
  • Implementation of new standards and gauge types
    We are constantly striving to extent the standard libraries and the supported gauge types. Here we focus very strongly on the needs of QMSOFT® users as well as the L&W's own calibration laboratory. Here are some examples:
    • Setting dimensions for micrometers
      Setting rings R for reamers
      Gauges for gauges
      Border Stitch Dimensions (analog DIN7150)
      UNJ Aerospace Thread Gauges (ISO3161, ASME B1.15)
      Spline gauges (ANSI B92.1-1996)
  • New billing module for calibration services
    QMSOFT® now official supports business for the accounting functions of (calibration) services, thus reducing accounting of "manual" activities to generate invoices, delivery notes, etc. The module QMSOFT®/CALCUL offers a catalog of services based on customer-specific prices including discounts. This data may be linked to the data, which are stored in the history of the gauge stock to get detailed invoice documents.
  • Support of terminal servers and virtualization technologies
    The rapid development of new IT technologies such as the use of so-called terminal server farms and cluster techniques, virtual machines etc. faces the QMSOFT® users with new technical constraints as requests to installation methods, to have access to shared resources and the desire for more flexible Licensing (Floating Licenses). QMSOFT® Release 5 is fully compatible with these techniques!
  • Compatibility with current SQL Server
    The compatibility to current Firebird- and MS-SQL server versions will ensure an ongoing basis.

Proven features from QMSOFT® Version 4 and 3:

  • User-profiles
    User-profiles are used for a comfortable switching between different database and licence servers. A classic example is using a laptop-computer, wich is used while on-site calibrations as a local stand-allone system and inside of the enterprise network as a client system, in conjunction with the central database server.
  • Additional unique identification numbers
    The use of internal unique identification numbers (GUID's) is helpfull for special cases, where the classic identification of the gauges is not unique or is changed. Conflicts (double gauge items in the database) after database imports can be avoided.
  • Merging of "double" gauges
    The new features to merge "double" gauge items without loss of any gauge history information is helpfull in all this cases, where the same gauge was created in the database with different spellings of the identification criteria. So it becomes easy to clean-up the database.
  • Configurable factory tolerance tables
    Configurable factory tolerance tables can be used now also for all of the plain gauges. All of the existing factory tolerance tables has been extended for a better handling of more than one manufacturers items.
  • Enhancement of global gauge data fields
    New data fields has been defined for basic gauge data(barcode, last data change et.).
  • Analysis features for the gauge stock
    New features to analyse the gauge stock database has been implemented to get a quick overview about the used gauge types, history events, status items etc.
  • Measuring device support
    The rapid technical development requires the implementation of new interface technologies for the integration of measuring instruments (USB-interfaces, G4.5-card for inductive systems etc.).
  • Human interface
    The step-by-step-implementation of framework-technologies make the use of the QMSOFT®-moduls more easier. Centralized definitions and descriptions reduce the localization effort for all of the language adaptations.
  • Optimized compression tools
    Optimized compression tools inside of the database increase the database performance and decrease the response time of the database application.
  • New copy protection technology
    The implementation of a new copy protection technology offers various licencing modells without addional costs for the customer.
  • Terminal server compatibility
    The use of QMSOFT® under a floating licence model under a Citrix Metaframe environment is supported now.
  • SQL-server compatibility
    The actual QMSOFT®-release is compatible with the free-of-charge Firebird-2.1-SQL-Server and with MS-SQL-Server 2000/2005/2008
  • New installation procedure
    The new installation procedure supports also "silent installations" now.
  • Basis of the database
    QMSOFT® is based on a database system with a genuine Client/Server architecture. The Firebird server you receive with your QMSOFT® Gauge Management System Release 4 is free of license costs and does not require any administrative extra work for the maintenance and servicing of the system. Moreover, it is available in a local version to fulfill all possible requirements - from the use at a single workplace to the use within a complex network of different calibration or management workplaces.
    In comparison to the previous PC-based database technology (Paradox table Borland Database Engine), the Client/Server architecture represents a considerable increase in data security since network problems and crashes of local workplaces can not inflict damage on the data stock on the server. Thus, tedious database repairs are a thing of the past!
  • Multi-client capability
    The multi-client capable gauge management is suitable both for calibration service providers and clients. The contact data of the client are saved in a database and passed on to the inspection programs by the QMSOFT® gauge management so that information related to the client can be shown on the inspection protocols without further user intervention.
    As usual, it is possible to save the data of different clients in separate databases. However, you also have the possibility to save these data in a single database, e.g. to work with standardized gauge type structures. The choice is your's!
  • Extended database content
    Apart from saving performed calibration processes, the new system offers you the possibility to save gauge actions and documents in the gauge history. Further, the limitation to two action categories ("inspection" and "movement") characteristic of the previous system has been removed. The gauge history includes freely configurable events and the respective data fields, giving you thus the opportunity to employ the new QMSOFT® system well beyond the sector of gauge management.
    Thanks to the so-called "history view" you can get a quick and easy overall view of the data saved in the history of your data stock. Data deleted by mistake can be restored by means of the "bin" function. Moreover, a backup-mechanism integrated in QMSOFT® helps you to secure data without special knowledge. Consulting catalogues for fields like "Location", "Manufacturer" or others may be managed for single clients or centrally for all clients on one database.Further, these catalogues can not only be newly set up, but can also be completed with the existing entries of the database.
  • Generation of documents
    The new QMSOFT® Release 4 utilizes modern tools for the generation of inspection protocols and various database lists (QMSOFT® Certificate Editor, Report Generator).
    Especially the internal functions of the certificate editor have been improved: it now offers freely combinable text conditions, a flexible formatting of field values, multilingual model files etc., and even extremely complex documents can be edited without causing resource problems. Inspection certificates can be saved in "RTF" format as usual or directly as PDF or MS-Word documents.
    Lists saved with the help of the Report Generator can immediately be send as an e-mail attachment. The new Report Designer allows the user to create individual layouts or to adapt existing ones. The Report Designer is free of license costs, disposes of a user surface in German and English (more languages available at costs) and is delivered with a complete documentation.
  • Database access management
    The access protection for the data stocks has been centralized, i.e. there is one user database for all database-relevant QMSOFT® modules (e.g. gauge management programs or programs for the inspection of pin gauges etc.). The access rights can be assigned to different user groups or single users. Besides, a history of the user's accesses to the gauge stocks shows the user's actions in a detailed way, which results in more transparency.
  • Compatibility
    With your delivery you will receive a data transfer tool free of charge, which makes it possible to transfer the data stocks of the previous 16-Bit version to the new 32-Bit version of QMSOFT®. QMSOFT® disposes of a XML-based interface named QMLINK for the exchange of information with higher or parallel software. The interface is open and documented in order to allow the interconnection with third party software. As usual, QMSOFT® communicates with all common length measuring machines from the most varied manufacturers. Also in the future the list of compatible measuring machines will be extended as new measuring devices enter the market.
  • Extended tolerance libraries
    The reliable calculation libraries for nominal sizes and tolerances have been further extended, encompassing, among many others, DIN /ISO, British and US standards. Since the libraries contain a vast amount of data they are also employed in a large number of software systems from other manufacturers.
  • Reviewed inspection programs and calibration processes
    QMSOFT® is a modular system, i.e. each component operates independently, allowing thus an individual installation according to the customer's requirements. The possibilities of application range from an observer function of the database contents to that of a complete calibration workplace with gauge management, inspection programs etc. All QMSOFT® inspection programs have been reviewed according to the current standards and perform predefined processes in compliance with the respective standards (e.g. DIN, VDI, DKD). Further, the operator's work during the measuring process is facilitated by the clearly arranged user surface.
  • Software packages
    The modular concept of the QMSOFT® system allows the creation of "program packages" which are offered at special conditions. The QMSOFT® "Standard package" offered so far has now been supplemented by the new "Starter package", a good-value entry-solution for the management and calibration of metric thread gauges, plain gauges etc. Naturally, a step-by-step extension of the installation is at all times possible. Current prices and options can be found on the QMSOFT® price list.