The gauge management software QMSOFT®

Online-support for QMSOFT®

Online-support for QMSOFT®

If you have unexprected problems with our QMSOFT®-software, you can use an online-connection from your computer or server to our IT-infrastructure to get support by the L&W support team. To be effective with the assistance please do the following:

  • Please have a look into the QMSOFT®-manual to find some hints to solve your problem.
  • If you do not get ahead, describe your problem as detailed as possible by email, add screenshots if needed, so we can understand the situation.
  • Click onto the TeamViewer-icon either in the QMSOFT®/GaugeMan-window or click here to download the TeamViewer-client from this site...


    ... and save the file in any folder on your hard drive. Start this program (you will need no administration rights).

  • Just call our support and let you receive instruction from our staff about the next steps.

You can control all the steps performed by the support staff to monitor and follow. All access to local resources must be authorized by you. The access data are used only once for the current connection and can not be used a second time: after exiting the TeamViewer client, our staff can not re-access your computer without your active help, so there is no security problem while using the online-support!